Ozzy T1D Mozzy

Connecting type 1 diabetics through fun merch :) 

Ozzy T1D Mozzy products locally designed and printed in Melbourne
10% of each item sold will be donated to diabetes charity and research. 
Tees are 100% cotton ranging in sizes XS-3XL for both men & women


About OzzyT1DMozzy

Hi, I am Ozzy 

I am a type 1 diabetic living in Melbourne, Australia, and the founder of Ozzy T1D Mozzy.

When I was diagnosed 5 years ago with this chronic invisible disease, I was ashamed and embarrassed to share with the world. Now 5 years on I have learned this autoimmune disease isn't going anywhere and it doesn't define who I am. 

So... its time to embrace it for what it is. Yeah it sucks and it's a full-time job, but you are never alone there is a community of incredible diabuddies out there just waiting to hold your hand. You have to remember its ok to laugh and find the humor in life. 

My goal is to educate, advocate, inspire, and spread laughter through diabetes communities. 

Welcome to my take on life with type 1 diabetes: Ozzy T1D Mozzy 


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Melbourne, Australia

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